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Underground garbage collection and storage system - Ecolift®

Learn all about underground garbage collection and storage and how to improve the yard space:

How does it work?

Aesthetic bins on the surface

They serve as garbage collectors, you just drop a bag of garbage into an urn, after which it ends up in a container underground. The garbage collection mechanism is constantly being upgraded so that the use of ECOLIFT® is as convenient and safe as possible.

All the garbage is underground

Garbage is stored on a lifting platform underground in standard plastic containers, which are located on a platform with a hydraulic lifting mechanism. The number and location of containers can be almost any.


New modular system

Arrange the modules as your project requires

Previously, each system had to be designed from scratch, depending on the number and location of containers.

Now ECOLIFT® is a modular system that allows modules to be connected to each other, greatly facilitating the design and production phase.

Storing and collecting garbage underground makes it possible to change the usual appearance of container sites and transform public space.

Advantages of Underground Garbage Collection and Storage ECOLIFT®

No unpleasant smell from the decomposition of food waste

Garbage collection points don't attract homeless people;

ECOLIFT® не служат местом обитания бродячих животных;




Hands free pedal

Бетонный кессон

Резиновй профиль

The possibility of both general and separate garbage collection

It does not require updating the fleet of garbage trucks.

Standard dumpsters are used

Do not contribute to the reproduction of rats and other pests;

Waste is not taken away by birds;

Small and light debris is not carried by the wind;

Rational use of the yard territory.

Automatic drainage system

Automatic fire extinguishing system


ECOLIFT® - это ideal solution for the improvement of any public spaces

The main thing is safety!

Garbage collection bins are designed in such a way that they exclude the possibility of pinching your hands with a lid.

of management

The updated ECOLIFT® control system is located under the platform, and access to it is carried out through a technological hatch closed with a secret lock.

Now there is no need to install an additional control cabinet on the container platform

Now you do not need to touch the bins with your hands

Opening the lid of the bin occurs when you press the pedal with your foot. The lid of the bin is lifted and the waste thrown out through the bin falls directly into the underground container standing under it.


Any questions? Answers

What containers are used?
ECOLIFT® uses standard dumpsters with a volume of 1100 liters, but since we are the manufacturer and developer of the system, we can manufacture ECOLIFT® taking into account the customer's wishes.
Yes, container occupancy sensors are included in the list of additional ECOLIFT® options. Sensors monitor the fullness of containers and send information to the dispatcher on the remote control.
The manufacturer and developer of ECOLIFT® is an industrial company PANDA® is a leader in the production of hydraulic lifting equipment.
ECOLIFT® consumes 2.2 kW, 380 volts
Maintenance of ECOLIFT® is performed once a quarter by the service department of the manufacturer. It includes checking all the components of the mechanism, maintaining stable operation and, if necessary, replacing parts. And the general sanitary service is carried out by the operating company at its discretion.

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